Winter Hello

The calendar says, “no,” but it is feeling like spring out there.

Our first little blast of warmth has been a most welcome change in the weather, and it has sparked a change here at Blue Door Garden as well. Doors and windows are open, flushing our home with fresh, moist air; greenhouse and hoop house windows and curtains are open, too, waking and enlivening the inhabitants within.

Tom did a little mowing yesterday, cleaning up some of the late fall flowers and corn in the garden beds – even thought about tilling, but it’s still a bit wet (and a bit early...).

Deni Peterson Blue Door Garden

Spring fever. Spring flu. The birds have it – we can hear it in their calls, and they are clearly starting to pair up. Spring peepers serenade us every evening from the pond down the road, and the first daffodils and crocuses have popped and brightened up the place. Tom went up on the mountain near Hidden Valley Lake, and even up there the Earth is waking from its winter slumber – seen in the swelling buds of the Cucumber Magnolias and heard in the raucous playfulness of the ravens.

It’s probably a bit too early to get worked up – I’m sure winter has more in store – a few more surprises up its sleeve, but it’s a wake-up call. A call to action – spring will soon be upon us, and there is much to be done to be ready for it.

Warmth is a most welcome change – here’s to the arrival of Spring!